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Links and citations to some of the news articles about KPPS and Park issues

News story: Limits sought on parking at the zoo: A preservation society will challenge any efforts to add spaces



Editorial: No easy solutions for Waikiki parking problems. The issue: a group is seeking to limit parking at the Honolulu Zoo to patrons and park users



A nice letter to the editor about Kapiolani Park - a History



Jack Gillmar & Cynthia Marnie of KPPS, testifying in City Council, informing the Parks & Economic Development Cmte. that KPPS is reviewing the Resolution on public-private partnership at the Zoo & that the Zoo is not owned by the City but is part of the Kapiolani Park Charitable Trust http://www.co.honolulu.hi.us/refs/bill/status/2003/r033.htm


Feature by Wanda Adams: New coffee-table book tells Kapi'olani Park history



News story: Kapiolani Park Archery Proposal Draws Protests


Kapiolani Park Preservation Society vs. City and County of Honolulu, 751 P.2d 1022, 69 Haw. 569 (1988)

      http://www.kekai.org/state/TrustDoc.html (hint: to find the citation in a large document like this, hit "control" and "f" at the same time. A box will pop up for you to type your search word.

        KPPS vs. City and County of Honolulu is cited by many public trust cases and articles, both in & out of Hawaii.


Links to other interesting sites:

The Historic Hawai'i Foundation works to preserve Hawai'i's unique architectural and cultural heritage.  Historic Preservation is an important element in the present and future economic viability of Hawai'i.   www.historichawaii.org

Scenic Hawaii, whose purpose is protect Hawaii’s natural beauty, to preserve and enhance landscapes and streetscapes, protect historical and cultural resources, promote and protect scenic views, protect Hawaii’s shoreline. improve community appearances, and foster the establishment and preservation of scenic road systems... www.scenichawaii.org

The Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium deteriorated significantly in the 1960's and 70's and was eventually closed in May 1978. In response, a group of concerned citizens incorporated the Friends of the Natatorium in 1986 as a 501(c)3.  Comprised of veterans, preservationists, neighborhood residents, water sports enthusiasts, and business leaders, The Friends seek complete restoration of the Natatorium. www.waikikinatatorium.org (if you're interested in Natatorium issues, www.nationaltrust.org/11Most/list.asp?i=116)


DownWind Productions is a collaborative of artists, writers, teachers and activists who examine the impact of colonialism, capitalism, and tourism in Hawai'i.


Alternative Hawaii: Dedicated to keeping it Hawaii  - a guide to the path less traveled





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