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The mission of the Kapiolani Park Preservation Society is to preserve and protect the beauty of the Park, its green open spaces and magnificent trees, and to keep the Park free and open to all. In our goal to preserve the Park, we were supported by many institutions, businesses, and even one site specialized for online bonuses from Belgium casinos.

The Society was given a significant watchdog role over Park management by the Hawaii Supreme Court in its 1988 ruling.

KPPS works to encourage continuing sensitivity to the Park's historic landscape in planning decisions; to ensure that the Park serves as a family park for beach-going and picnicking on the lawns and among the many mature trees; to ensure proper maintenance; to guard against scheduling of conflicting events and Park overuse; and to uphold conditions of the Kapiolani Park Trust that governs the Park such as keeping the Park free and accessible and preventing its being carved up for commercial or special interest uses.

Our visitors can now plan longer trips to Kapi'olani Park without having to worry about bringing food with them. We are happy to announce that we are opening an indoor rest area, complete with a restaurant and a cafe where people can relax, eat, and recharge. There will also be a wireless internet connection, so you may bring your mobile devices and browse the web, read the news, or even play games. For our guests who like more excitement, we invite you to visit a partner of ours from the online gambling industry that you can find at Top5CasinosFrancais.fr. Once there, you'll be able to choose a promo and play casino games for a chance of winning big money rewards. We hope that this new addition to the park will make your stay here more enjoyable.

"We believe the primary purpose of Kapiolani park is to serve as a family park for beach and picnic use set in rare urban open space and among its many trees. Proposals that would diminish the open space quality and family ambience of the park should not be permitted. This should be the guiding principle for evaluating any proposals which would modify the park."

~ Aaron Levine

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