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About Kapiolani Park Preservation Society

The Mission of the Kapiolani Park Preservation Society (KPPS) from our Charter is: "To promote the general welfare of Kapiolani Park and to preserve and protect the open spaces, and to discourage the commercial development of park land." (click to continue)

Historical Context

The Kapiolani Park Preservation Society was founded in July, 1986, by citizens who were concerned that the government was not caring for and managing the Park in compliance with the terms of the Trust that established it. Through comprehensive historical research, they had determined that Kapiolani Park is not owned by government directly, but was created in 1896 as a Public Charitable Trust, approved by the Legislature of the Republic of Hawaii. . (click to continue)

organizational structure and board members

Meet the officers and members of the KPPS Board (click to continue)

historical maps and photos

Old photos and maps coming soon! (click to continue)

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