JAL Triathlon, April’s large event at the Park. The organizers are asking permission for another event in October.











                                                                               JAL TRIATHLON, con’t. Permit said: permission only for active loading. These cars were parked & others were parked for hours with no one near them.








Potential tree root damage from driving in drip line;                        Event held 4/16 & 4/17; parking blocked

Permit said: vehicles not allowed in event                             from 4/12; all passage on Kalakaua Ave. blocked                 

of poor ground conditions or rain                                           from Friday 4/15                                                                                                                                                       


“Commercial signage is not allowed in the Park. Commercial or cooperated sponsors’ names and logos may be placed on banner allowing the event, however, it must be kept to a minimum size or prominence…Organizers are authorized to erect no more than 2 signs or banners….”


This is an improper use of the Park and Trust lands, and we ask the Trustees to stop future abuses.







Kapiolani Park post-event, one week plus


These particular barriers are still                     Park not cleared from one event before next one being set up

up as of 4/27



Kapiolani Park manager needs to be given authority to enforce removal of items remaining in Park, among other things.

2nd photo: taken night of Jimmy Buffet concert at Shell – parking barriers left from 6 days before.







Overscheduling, overuse, and commercial activity in the Park

Craft fairs have taken over the ewa end of the Park, bringing commercial activity and signage, competing with taxpaying businesses who pay market prices and keep to zoning codes on signage for their shops, causing overuse and wear & tear, and removing green space from the Park.





Three weekends a month, Sunset on the Beach places barriers, blocks parking…



Hawaii scenery, courtesy of Sunset on the Beach… Not an enhancement to the Park,

it has the effect of removing Park resources – parking, maintenance, access – from the Park.


The land that abuts Queen’s Surf, where this generator now sits, was once part of the Park Trust, and is now maintained by Kapiolani Park. The City could work toward uniting it with the rest of the Trust lands, and return it to the Kapiolani Park Trust.



This is the first glimpse of Kapiolani Park a weekend stroller from Waikiki sees. While it’s not technically part of the Park, it directs abuts Park land (albeit under City ownership), and gives the wrong impression of the Park. It’s tough to ask people to respect the Park when this is the example.


This is a prime example of commercialism spreading out from Waikiki & attempting to take over public lands. The Trust protects Kapiolani Park, but it must be enforced.


Kapiolani Park Maintenance




Park staff attempting to clean up from Pro Bowl party while another event is happening;

2nd photo: rubbish from regular Park use goes uncollected when maintenance is diverted to cover large events




Grounds maintenance suffers from understaffing, lack of enforcement to stop driving on the grass, lack of ability to make rules to limit heavy use, and need of a new irrigation system.